Strange Morning

Yesterday morning was like a beginning scene out of Breaking Bad.

Summer sunrises mean an early start so I was out by Lo Presti Park across the harbor from Boston at 4.30am.  I noticed a skunk next to me frantically trying to get a plastic cup off its head, not something you see everyday.  I almost went to help but thought better of that idea.  I don’t think a spraying would be a good start to the day.  So I continued to the park but noticed that there was a fence which had put up around the most interesting part which is Carlton Wharf.  I noticed a small gap in the fence so I squeezed through and then spotted something flashing, red, white and blue on the ground in the dark.  It was in the grass near a huge abandoned tire.  As I approached I saw it was a toy light with a star on the top and scattered around the abandoned wharf were beer cans, bottles and left over lights, probably from 4th of July revelers.  I made my way down to the water’s edge and waited for the sky to turn pink and for the sun to rise.  After a strange start to the day I captured this 2 shot panorama of the city a few minutes before sunrise.  I hope you like it!20170706-1A5A8398_HDR_HDR-2

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