Welcome.  This is my first blog, which is unusual for a 48 year old, I would imagine.

I was born in North West England in 1968 (I’ll get to more of that) and moved to the US in 1995.

My Mum and Dad gave me some pics (below).  Very fashionable for the early seventies.  I look like a cross between Frasier Crane and Sting.

Now I have an incredible wife and 2 daughters who I adore.  They are my North Star, my guides.

I have been interested in photography for almost 2 years.  I started this blog to connect with other people and artists who share the same passions, desires and who love the beauty the world can offer, especially through the lens.

I live in America where we just swore in our 45th president.  There are extremes; division, hate, love, fear, apathy.

What I hope to capture in this blog is what we have to admire and enjoy in the world.

Time is short.

As George said, Choose Life.




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